Serial Killer Playing Cards

Custom set of playing cards with the most evil men and women to set foot in the United States.


54 Different American Serial Killers

From Jeffrey Dahmer to Ted Bundy, these Killer Cards feature 54 of the most notorious serial killers from American history. Each playing card features a different serial killer with their name, alias, biography, kill count, age, time and location active, and their preferred methods of murder.

Other Serial Killers Include

John Wayne Gacy

Gacy would lure young men and boys into his hoe where he would bind and gag, rape, then strangle his victims, disposing of them under his crawlspace.

Jeffery Dahmer

Dahmer was a cannibal and necrophile who lured boys and young men into his home where he would drug, strangle, and then dismember his victims.

Son of Sam

With his .44 bulldog revolver, Berkowitz went on a random shooting spree, taunting the police with satanic letters and terrorizing New York city.

Ed Gein

Gein was a grave robber who made belts, bowls, furniture, and even masks from corpses. He was the inspiration for numerous fictional movie killers.


These were for a bday gift and was a hit! Awesome quality and extremely fast shipping!!!

– M C


An actual deck of cards you can use for any game! Each card is a different killer with the jokers the unsolved heavy hitters! A true crime aficionado will love these. The info is interesting with a basic paragraph, number of victims, methodology and mug shot. Creepy fun for any murderino!

– Foxtrot


Love it perfect for any serial killer fanatic 🙂 and of course Ted Bundy is the ace of hearts 😛

– Tylitha D

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Standard poker size, 300GSM casino-quality cardstock.

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